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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 11, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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dan got creamed. >> stop! >> i only speak the truth. from from the holiday. >> she's not hideous. spirit airlines. i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching, my mission is simple to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always homework and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i want to make you money. call me 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me. headlines read bad falling oil threatens recovery.
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the story totally captured the scythe geist of yesterday's trader but missed the theme of this morning's rally with the dow up 225 points. cheap gas lean might repeal, might because we gave upmost of the day's gains when still one more decline in crude this tile in the last minutes of trading curtailed the stock market rally. dow advancing 6 three points and s&p climbing and nasdaq jumping .52%. still in the block. a lot of consumer oriented stocks performed fabulously. remember the battle here. will the credit wows of the new stretched american oil companies chi bosch the strength that should come from shoppers who are benefitting enormously from a cheap gasoline stimlaos plan better than anyone i see the government offer or to put it in terms we can understand. will the consumer cavalry arrive
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in time to save the pilgrim economy from the vagaries of the wildcatters with oil continuing to come down as it did today dropping another $1.50 closed below $60. we didn't see who would have the upper hand in this session. the cavalry arrived at 8:30 a.m. in the form of a tremendous number. .7% growth in retail sales. from the month of november, guys, i know that sounds -- that's a fabulous gain. far more than people expect and you can pin it right on better employment and much lower gasoline prices than just a few months ago, as much as a dollar less. every stock that got hammered yesterday blossomed today. at least for most of the day. although, gains shrank when oil broke down. not only spurring the morning's
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positive action. stop in the gloom of yesterday's trading, you might not have noticed it but american express, the biggest credit card company said cyber monday, the monday following thanksgiving was the best day ever for credit card spending. now wait a second, that's not some national federation of retailers survey and why we can't take back the pes msimism and scary headlines, the ones that threw you off the scent of the bull you have to be impre impress impressed. second, let et be known this is improving. restoration hardware, rh had a 22% gain in same-store sales. companies reaching 4 to $5 billion in revenue passion
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anytime he is got a story so magnificent and worth telling he presented the conference call for the quarter as in video. yes, you heard me right, the conference call in video form. the darn thing was so awesome it was stock app analysts goose bumps. i don't know if i want to say anymore about it because i have to tell you, it was the conference call equivalent of "homeland" for retail. i don't want to spoil it for you. i demand you watch it. you can't invest in restoration hardware until you do and trust me, you want to invest in the stock or the schizophrenic trading in lou lou lemon. which initially plunged when reported weak same store sales this morning but soared when management made it clear numerous merchandise is selling well and could have done better if it was not for dock workers hence the 9% rally in this
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stock. maybe i should call it once stock. i don't know, i don't know if it's the faulty anti stink pants or what, but i smell a bottom. of course, not everyone in retail is being driven by better sales. don't you have to sit up and take notice when an activist acquires stakes and staples and office depot in no doubt it merged something we've been favoring here. it's a sign things have gotten good enough there is not a lot of risk to the downside because remember when i told you, activists don't like to take chances these days. they like to buy winners, winners win and let me be boring for a second. the usual suspects, home depot, lows, target rallied. don't forget the move if oil stays down and comparisons last year when the weather was bad. the consumer was dealing with pain at the pump will be nothing short of spectacular.
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the third sign that the consumer strength produces wows at 56% of lending club, which brings lenders and borrowers together over the internet with the need for traditional bank. consider it crowd source lending. the fact there is this much enthusiasm without the credit risk i found amazingly positive. the fourth one, the forth good news was initially a negative. i'm talking about the conference call yesterday afternoon from toll brothers that hammered the stock and brought downgrades that were silly. the best builder of luxury homes reported a strong number then gave guidance that indicated longer term that the housing market will get stronger but analysts didn't talk about the notion demand is rising and over the long run its assured by population growth, no, the next. i'm sure the markets, too. pretty much calling the bottom. you want to downgrade when the company has enough firepower? be my guest but what about a
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two-year perspective? i know i'm a dinosaur, call me old fashioned. fifth, we got the explosion in all things diniing popeyes, fies fiesta, cracker barrel and uncollidiu including one i'll talk about later, a grand slam. it's the change at the pump. it's playing out now. it won't be stopped by the belly flop that just bought at the top. six, yesterday we were worried about the price war among carriers,ed to today a weak ea number. stock roared. let's not forget if retail is strong, sales at gadgets will be strong and western digital, hp, all these positives call less to give us a terrific rally and it would have been a fabulous day if oil hasn't broken down. here is my bottom line. if 70% of the economy gets stronger because of the decline
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in gasoline, i'll bet that huge positive can ultimately triumph the looming and serious credit woes as two continue this titanic clash that gets more and more bloody and gruesome as it plunges deeper and deeper into the red down 45%. my money is saving the day, although not before oil's collapse crushes more than a few pilgrims. pilgrims. larry in iowa, larry? >> caller: hi, mr. cramer. >> how are you doing? >> caller: first of all, sorry about your father. my thoughts and prayers are with you. >> thank you. a tribute, a brief one. i'll focus on that in a second. what's up? >> caller: thank you. first of all, thanks for your call and retl about 18 months ago, i took your advice on that one and done very well over the last year and a half. >> terrific. >> caller: my question, my question is john deere, what can you tell me about john deere
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going into 2015? one we should buy, sell, hold on to? >> i will tell you, i think deere bottomed by commodities will be under pressure. i heard a lot of positive how food inflation which has been bad might come down. i'm not a buyer of deere until it goes to 82. agco is struggling. if it started going up i would feel more confident. i need to speak to adam in the farm land of america, adam? >> i think you're the aaron rogers of the stock market. >> really? >> caller: yeah. >> if i picked aaron rogers in fantasy i would still be in the hunt. >> caller: i noticed my stock was up a few percent today. what do you think of my play call to buy iuy lannet company? >> lannet. i have historically not liked the generics but parigo made me change my mind.
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i like your idea of buying this philadelphia based company very much, very much. hey, i lost some weight. good to lose weight. anyway, oh, aaron rogers, aaron rogers, oh, okay, yes, definitely aaron lyncheraron ly. sure he lost some steam today but the recovery isn't as threatened as you think. if the economy gets stronger, that could be the pain we're seeing from oil. it is painful. denny's isn't just about going to score some grand slams for breakfast anymore. the american diner change is making changes like adding a 300-dollar item to the menu but is wall street ready and a legal slow down is heating up and man, the outcome could have a big impact on the stock but first, the oil market still isn't looking so hot so why are shares of exxon moving higher? i got the scoop that should shift your view of the oil patch, that's next, stick with the discount double check and stick with cramer.
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wait a sec, what is chexxon doing up today when oil got hit again? off 45% for the year, shouldn't exxon have been hammered one more time? or are people starting to recognize that while all the oil stocks are losers, maybe some of them are going to lose a lot less marking cap than others because of strong cash management, terrific balance sheets and oil. that's the definition of exxon. a company i'm not a fan of because it doesn't have production growth but a company able to do something about that lack of growth by pouncing on those who have great prospects
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and don't have the balance sheets anymore to exploit them. i've been waiting for more oil stock market oil to occur. have cash, no cash and maybe after today's action it's starting to happen. here is my theory. there are just about $200 billion worth of high yield paper from the oil park borrowerings. we know there is plenty of direct loans from banks but half the bonds goes bad because oil is collapsing, half. pretty worse case scenario, don't you think? let's game it. what will happen? how about a production challenge company coming in and buying everything it wants in order to be able to increase the production, wouldn't that be something? exxon is challenge in production and can continue to drill in or now pray the weak players. i think mop up a lot of debt as it picks up losers and come on
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top. what matters to me is i want to put this down and housing led recession where a huge percentage of all home loans made between 2005 and 2007 defaulted. amazing. making things worse the debt was all over the place and secured and synthetics and impossible to untake l. the debt is concentrated in a few companies with documented reserves. nobody knew what to do with those default housing loans. there were $2 trillion in loan and it seeped to stop performing. the banks took homes they didn't want and those who bought housing debt who thought it was prime and wasn't, they got crushed because they reached for better yields than bonds can give you. never reach for yield. it was a mess that nobody could figure out, and it did cause the great recession. boy, is that ever not the case
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with this kind of debt? remember, it is true some deals were done when oil was sky high. the over pays and that doesn't mean the assets were bad, it just means that cash flows from them may not be sustainable for the companies that borrowed money. consider exxon as a potentially gigantic repo man that cobbles together whatever properties it wants and whatever it can take from the koreans or japanese or chinese take it and creates a domestic power house of unbelievable proportions. this is what awaits the high yield market and can help the banks with this debt. it will not happen overnight and we have to have the pain before the gain. so isn't this dangerous then? whistling past the graveyard with my exxon analysis, i want to put into context what may not be as bad as others and saying as long as there are well capitalized players, there weren't any in the housing industry. those are well capitalized that needs a sets, there will be bids
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underneath and buys in distress making this potential debacle serious. hurtful to stocks and companies but not a systemic risk to the country like the housing depression as so many bears think is the case. let's take calls, bob in florida, bob? >> caller: jim, i want to thank you on teaching me to buy in increments and sell in increments. >> thank you. >> caller: now i have a question that i bought when it was yielding 6% and as it went down, i bought more in wide scales, got some at 8% and now 10% yield. my question is under today's environment, do you think that yield is safe and two, if oil stays down at this level, will they start losing contracts and be forced to cut it? >> okay, this is a great question.
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stephanie link and i have been going over it. this and valley were two of the worst we had. i think the dividend is reasonably save. any time i see a 10% dividend that's a red flag, in the end it's in the drilling platform business so i have to tell you i'm taking a more negative view, and i want you to be careful because i don't think the yield is safe, i don't think the dividend is safe. there are too many contracts that will roll over in the next couple years and that's a tough decision and it's already been a big loser. richard in california, richard? >> caller: hi jim, i got your book, watch your show daily, it's part of my dna. >> i like that. >> caller: yeah, aside from being a huge fan of yours, i'm a fan of leon cooperman and stuck in the oil patch with a couple of his and he and danberry going
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down? >> i don't care for either of those. i think that they can refinance perhaps but i'm not going to recommend those stocks. if oil were higher, obviously e mean look, if oil reverses, these will be stocks that come back but they are plays on the decline in oil and i can't recommend them. i just can't. a better oil environment, yes, but i can't recommend either here. that's all i have to say about them. sure, the energy crisis has the potential to be disastrous, i get that but may not be systemic. could taking a bite out of denny's, the home of the grand slam is hitting it out of the park up more than 40%. could the relief at the pump mean they will continue to bring in the bacon and networks flying high, since the summer ipo until rival cisco sued them. i got the reaction in the first
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tv interview and why not find out about the business, too, and i'll make sure you're protected in mi diversified. stay with cramer.
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of jon and pete's new book. that's... (see the number on your screen) call now. you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. after a fairly solid day for the stock market and a terrific one where the consumer spends extra dollars saved at the gas
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pump, let me tell you about a $10 small cap turnaround story that you may have missed in the excitement even though it could be the ideal stock for this environment, i'm talking about denny's. yeah, d-e-n-n. the restaurants, more line diners in the low to single digits denny's ran up 42% for 2014 with all those gains coming since the summer as the stock has been catapulted. that's an incredible move. some dare say a grand slam if not a grand slam breakfast. my late mother's favorite for a reference to my family but she did love the grand slam. so how has denny's managed to pull this off? how did this stock catch fire overnight and most important, can the term continue? first of all, when you take a step back and look at din knenn
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it's a perfect play. it benefits from lower gas prices and they have more money in the pockets courtesy of the oil collapse and likely to spend some of that money eating at dennys with families when they otherwise might have stayed home. that explains a big part of the epic rally over the past few months and it's gotten chic, too, to tell you the truth. denny's didn't luck out and people are spending extra cash at denny's this company is working aggressively to make itself more attractive to consumers. they had been making small changes for years but it began when the board of directors brought in the new ceo in february of 2011. since then miller made pretty big changes that are finally coming to fruition paying off big time. denny's sold off company owned stores as franchises and monetizing the real estate and used proceeds to pay down the excessive debt load. i thought that debt load could have wiped them out then they
6:26 pm
refinanced the debt and perhaps most important denny's changed the image with consumers. for ages, this was the place to get the huge breakfast at low prices like me. dennys is about serving three meals of comfort food a day and people are coming in for more than just breakfast. they are one quarter breakfast, one quarter dinner, one quarter after dinner. america's diner is always open. plus denny's is focussed on making the dine experience better by improving the speed of service, the taste of the food always a welcome audition, the overall atmosphere with the result that guest satisfaction increased on top of that. denny's is focused on improving the quality of the food offer aing more healthy items like egg whites and turkey bacon. holy cows that's denny's? same store sales were anything but consistent.
6:27 pm
they were all over the place and an unhealthy menu generated barely free cash flow. denny's finished the third straight year of positive system wide sales and more health focused generating more and more cash. why recommend it now after the hefty move in the stock because the biggest part of the turn around is to come. now that denny's cleaned up the balance sheet, the new plan is to do a major wave of remodelling, not just 10% of the stores owned but the franchises, many of which are contractionly obligated to remodel. we've seen restaurant chains put these these make over initiatives before. i don't see why denny's should be different. specifically, the company has gotten much more aggressive about the rollout of the heritage remodel image, which despite the name, has a much more contemporary feel. already as of last quarter, 84 locations have been remodels including 40% of the company
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nine in new york, six in both boston and atlanta and international. dennys has 100 locations and the hod model to expand rapidly. trading 25 times next year's earnings with company's rate and those estimates will prove too low. why? because the company's turn around efforts are paying off, right at the moment when the core consumers have more money in the pockets courtesy of the decline in the price of gasoline. one last thing, the buy back of the stock after the pass four years, the company repurchased 20.7 million shares and shares counts downse a
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into the year
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what do we do with the risk in network equipment that's trying to break the internet infrastructu infrastructure. can the two co-exist. back in june, $43 where we told you we liked it a ton and closed at 55. the company posted incredible growth 50% year over year they
6:36 pm
make software fuel network equipment that's risk to take share among many companies you know including facebook and microsoft, powerful clients with big businesses and however the last couple months stock has come down and the pain got worse last friday when cisco got a surprising patent and infringement lawsuit. according to cisco, risk is infringing upon 14 cisco help patents. looks like they are going for an injectiunction to disrupt this tough real battle. we got to know more. let's check in with the president and ceo of the networks, former cisco veteran herself. find out how her company is doing and how this could mean for the company. welcome to "mad money". >> how are you? >> thank you so much. look, we'll get to the elephant in the room and addressed in conferences. where does arista fits in in the evolution and revolution of networking equipment.
6:37 pm
>> that's a great question. first of all, arista in greek needs to be the best. we're dristriving to provide th best technology. whey they are doing a is combination of revolution and evolution. we saw three disruptions in the marketplace, hardware, software, and a customer buying pattern, and we wanted to address all three so there is a real revolution happening in the move to merchant silicon, the move to software defined networking and it was founded and began a foundational revolutionary architecture for software but most importantly, the customers want to go there. everybody wants to clarify. >> let's talk microsoft that wants to, he wants to be base cloud, base cloud, what does he do with arista that makes it so he's going faster and cheaper? >> what he realized is you cannot just do this through
6:38 pm
normal enterprise economics and it. >> which would be the cisco way. >> correct. but what instead the way, the out storage and fundamentally change the architecture and infrastructure for rapid provisioning and terra bites and much more storage capacity, and be able to provide real-time services, and arista is an under pinning of that. >> you used a great anology about christmas trees and what you do. >> given we're in the holiday season, we know about christmas lights if one goes down they all go out because they are connected. in the arista software, one goes down, only one goes down and everything else stays in tact. not only that, because we have a published subscribe state model, we can repair that one light and
6:39 pm
automatically send the stake and this makes us a cloud-based foundation for many companies. >> all right. let's address the elephant in the room. john chambers was the one earlier today. we have a long history with john. john, cisco is the company from what we can see. i need you to respond and i just want to play it real straight. i want you to hear what we said and tell me what you think about what he said or you can dodge it but i've got to play it. okay? this is earlier at the closing bell with kelly and bill griffith, take a look. >> we've only done this once before in our history. we welcome competition. we love it. it's not about momentum and taking market share rapidly and increasing the gross margins and the last thing is about invasion. if you don't protect your invasion, people will take it. we needed to send a message to the market we will protect our
6:40 pm
invasion. >> it's about pioneering innovation and protecting innovation. we've been given the lawsuit two days ago, they won't let me talk about it. they say lawsuits have a form of flattery. we will analyze it, look at it and defend our ip. >> you spoke december 9th and said we believe we can co-exist with who is the largest vender cisco. if this is the opposite of co-existence if they knock you out with an injunction. that doesn't sound like you can co-exist with your old team. >> the market is large enough that a good set of customers will still need traditional enterprise it and a good set of customers wants to go to the cloud architecture. we absolutely can co-exist, no one company can get 100% share, and cisco's market share is going from 80 to 70. >> fair enough. you have a partnership with bm ware, we think of it as being
6:41 pm
the next pioneer in the group. tell us about what that means for you and where you fit in. >> i think it's a very exciting partner, one of my favorites because what happened until now networking is everything has been built in silos, the layer, the physical layer, the storage layer, the compute layer and by virtue of the technology both arista and they are building, we can transcend to cloud and you don't have to have through different operations mechanisms and three different technologies. >> if i'm on facebook and john comes in and you come in, are you cheaper? what is the value proposition. >> you can say both. even if the equipment were to be given at zero, one has to maintain it and the cost can be much higher if it's zero dollars. architecture, you can program and tune it. you don't need hundreds of manuel provisions to do so and so we provide the best price
6:42 pm
performance and most certainly we're cheaper on both. >>( does a concert have to com up versus when when workplaces compete against or kacle. saying we can do this for you, you don't need cisco? >> very often itm,m can be gree field situations constructing a  center than waiting for a specific contract. it could be a project in an existing data center where the old stuff is on the side and build a new specific project on compute or storage or virtualization. last question, you were great at cisco. you got to be -- john doesn't sue. he just doesn't. he sued the chinese and that was really justifiable i thought, but you got to be taken a back here a little bit. john is good. >> we were definitely blind sided and disappointed. john should have at least picked
6:43 pm
up the phone and called me. instead, it was in the press and we only got it five days later. you know, it is true that cisco rarely sues, and it's also true that arista is a rare competitor. >> let's leave it at that. president and ceo of arista networks. she's given a lot of talks. i need you to understand what the company does, stay with cramer. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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e-a-g-l-e-s. thank you for sending me pop's chair. we went to the game together and this is the chair he sent in. the eagle's organization sent it to me. i want to thank you guys. we don't hear enough good stuff about the nfl. we care about victories but i think you guys cared about family. thank you so much. it is time, it is time for the
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lightening round. buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, play the sound and then the lightening round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." >> caller: hey, i'm in dallas, texas. >> man, the great boy plunger, what is going on hays? >> caller: my stock dropped 46% this july 28th recommended by your charitable trust ticker symbol vale. >> vale, two of the worst picks i've ever made and i just have to own the fact we did it. we thought we had a bottom from 28 to 14, 13 and there was no way with a good dividend would, that it could go further. that was wrong. made a mistake. not yet taken the loss, let's put it that way. let's go to dennis in ohio, dennis. >> caller: hello, jim cramer, happy holidays from the north coast, cleveland. >> excellent. >> caller: i want to give a
6:48 pm
quick shout out to the buckeyes. >> wow. >> caller: i'm wind stream.+65[y i'm tempted to jump ship if my number is 1025. >> i don't think that's a bad idea. i think that you get that 10% yield is a little too high for me meaning i pefeel suspect. i think you $&5+hexit. let's go to mark in new york, mark. >> caller: hi jim, it's a pleasure to talk to you. i heard on your recording you have over 25 years of market wisdom. >> true. >> caller: i got you beat. i got over 25 years of market stupidity. >> don't say that. you're good at this. let's go. >> caller: i want to thank you on your tips for delta and starbucks, which have done well. >> thank you. >> caller: i decided hp was good investment, and i'm taking a bath on it. do i get rid of it now? >> go to the website. they got a great video of the
6:49 pm
founder. john lindsey comments. he's a straightforward guy and said listen, as oil goes below 75 there will be budget change and that's killed the stock. yields 4.4% that's not an idle dividend. they wouldn't raise it if they didn't think things would be fine. i will not tell you to sell hp, too low. yes, it can go in the 50s like oil. it can go there but i can't tell you to sell it. let's go to rob in missouri, please, rob. >> caller: cramer, my man, thanks for having me. >> you bet. >> caller: a month ago i bought kate spade and it went down. it lost the gain and coach and kors were up. i'm confused. >> kate did better than coach and kors but people feel this whole group is really challenged. it is a very challenged group.
6:50 pm
i think kate is the best of the three but that doesn't necessarily make it to be something i like. there is a lot of retailers i like more, accessory companies i make more includingyv$y deckers that, ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round.
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i have to tell you the group in oil prices astounding, bringing down everything else with it. look at today, a rebound. a shaky one. there are still plenty of winners. regardless, you need to keep yourself protected should is the negatives outweigh the positives and the reason they are diversified, it can't be all oil. remember how hot oil was? call or tweet me at jim crimer and tell me the top five and i'll tell you if your portfolio is diversified enough. mix it up a little. let's start with a tweet from at brian at w adams. i love the way you write down stocks. cracks me up. dennis in utah, dennis? >> caller: boo-yah jim from salt lake city, how are you? >> doing okay. how are you? >> caller: good, good. condolences on the death of your father. sure sorry about that. >> thank you. >> caller: sure sorry.
6:54 pm
we have a portfolio of apple, costco, ge, pfizer and phillips 66. >> wow. i tell you right now i just like this portfolio very much. i think it's terrific. apple great tech company pfizer boring but coming back to life and phillips 66, that's where to be if you're in the oil pass, ge diversified has a little too much oil right now, can you believe it? still doing okay. costco maybe the best retailer on earth. retail, tech, drug, refine, industrial, perfect. salt lake city rocks. sean in new york, sean? >> caller: boo-yah,,d&% jim. >> boo-yah, sean. >> caller: what is happening? >> not much, you? >> caller: i want to thank you for mentioning the jones act
6:55 pm
bankers. >> that's a good one. >> caller: i want to see if i'm diversified. >> okay. sure. >> caller: i got four marathon petrole petroleum, at and t and conn ink. >> okay. that last one will be tough. all right. this is again, marathon this is where you want to be. you want to refine or be a mass limited partnership. that's where you want to be. coned utility, ford, i prefer gm buford is an auto company and cons is a retailer that is challenged. i did not like the last quarter. perfect bingo and thank you for the nice thoughts. let's go to frank in california, frank? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you this afternoon? >> not bad, how about you? call doing great, surviving the
6:56 pm
storm. >> okay. go ahead. >> caller: i wanted to ask you i've been increasing my position on a number of stocks and wanted to know if i'm well vie verdive and wanted your opinion. want me to read them? >> sure, go ahead, there is five of them, go ahead. >> caller: halliburton, hp. >> good, let's go to work. we've got aig, that's an great getting hurt but doing the deal with baker hughes. citi i think they are doing a good job. the chargers are behind and hp and brooke fieldkóo diversifie global management company. don't know what they own, which
6:57 pm
bothers me asset manag, oil service, tech, these have much less over lap than a lot of other banks so i'm okay with that. that's a bad story and i hope you're okay. i know that's a tough one. stick with cramer. discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection ats for around $329 a month.
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>> i want you to do homework on dennys and arista? watch the restoration hardware, gary freedman and i won't tell you how it happens. i'm jim crimer aamer and i'll s tomorrow.
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>> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... kenneth ira starr is the money manager to hollywood's a-lists. >> among his past investors, annie leibovitz, martin scorsese, sylvester stallone, wesley snipes. >> you know, the names just went on and on. >> narrator: starr woos potential clients, but he doesn't stop there. >> ken wanted to be his clients. and he used my mother's money to purchase influence. >> narrator: he steals $30 million to buy his way onto the a-list and live in the lap of luxury. and it's all in the name of love. >> you know, when your money manager starts going out with a stripper, that's a tell.


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